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Welcome and thanks for stopping by our little corner of the internet! We’re a small, family business, based in Adelaide, South Australia. We design and make all of our own wooden and bioplastic products and also stock playdough and beeswax made by other small businesses.

I’m Carley (hey!); I started out selling little, wooden animals on Waldorf BSS groups, then moved to Etsy, then this website and now we basically run a toy factory. I do woodwork, make, design, stock-control, kid-wrangle, dispatch, purchasing, customer service, and a multitude of other things. My husband assists on nights and weekends, dedicating all of his free time to making whacky machines to speed up production. We have 2 amazing employees to assist in the workshop and with assembly. Our most important team member though is the 5-year-old product tester, without whom I never would have started tinkering about making things for and this business wouldn’t exist.

Our products are “Made for PLAY, not display”. All of our products have multiple uses and we are not fans of Instagram craptivities.

A Beadie Bug is what our daughter used to call ladybugs/ladybirds when she was a young toddler and the name kinda stuck.

I have 2.5 kids/fids: the eldest is a 13yo feathered mess-maker, the middle child is a 5yo sass-master/ product tester and the 0.5 is still baking. Yes, it’s exhausting running a business, baking a small person and doing woodwork, so if I don’t immediately respond to queries, I’ve either gone into labour in the workshop or I’m doing a multitude of other things.

I’m very passionate about providing natural materials for kids and will ALWAYS look for/make a plastic-free option. All of our packaging is plastic-free, even the tape is biodegradable.

I don’t subscribe to any one educational philosophy but have been influenced by the Waldorf, Montessori and Reggio philosophies. Strictly subscribing is confining and a creativity killer.

We have the loveliest customers and, aside from my daughter, they are the reason we keep doing this.

Welcome again! Have a browse and grab some goodies!

Much love, Carley xo