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Home Made Christmas Ornaments and Gift Tags

There is nothing better than sitting down with your children and making Christmas Ornaments or Gift Tags together that can be used again and again.
Not only are these a fantastic keepsake, but they make a pretty cool gift too!

You Will Need

🎄 Christmas stamps or your favourite playdough/cookie stamps
🎄 Terracotta air drying clay
🎄 Bio glitter or other decorations
🎄 Ornament bio cutter
🎄 Roller and board
🎄 Twine, beads and a chop stick to make holes
🎄 Small assistant


🎄 Roll out the air drying clay to 1-2cm in width
🎄 Use the ornament bio cutter to mark out your decorations
🎄 Stamp each tag or decoration with your stamps
🎄 Add in glitter or crystals for decoration
🎄 Mark or write in names with a small writing tool or alphabet stamps.
🎄 Use chop sticks or knitting needle etc to make a hole at the top for twine.
🎄 Set aside and allow to dry for 24 hours - turning once
🎄 Once dry you can paint and seal if you wish.

All Done!
Our children have loved making these as both decorations and gift tags.