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Bio Cutter Salt Print Painting

This is one of the easiest activities you can do with your Bio Cutters, and it's perfect for making your own birthday or special occasion cards.

 You Will Need

🐞 Bio Cutters
🐞 Salt
🐞 PVA Glue
🐞 Paints - try our eco paints for a nice pastel colourway
🐞 Paint brushes
🐞 Water


🐞 Dip Your Bio Cutters into PVA Glue
🐞 Stamp onto card or paper
🐞 Sprinkle salt over the top and tip off any excess
🐞 Set aside to dry
🐞 Once dry paint

To see this activity in action, head over to our Instagram Page and checkout this post

Many thanks to the activity ideas Queen, @playwithjess, for this awesome activity!