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Spring Fling Playdough

Spring Fling Playdough

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Treat your little one to a jar or 2 of our all natural, handmade, Ready Scent Dough playdough!

Spring Fling Playdough is scented with May Chang essential oil, coloured with natural plant-based food colours and made using all natural ingredients.  The glitter is a plant-based biodegradable glitter and is saturated throughout the purple playdough. Glitter in playdough tends to stay in the playdough and not throughout your house!

May chang is also known as 'Mountain pepper', is native to Asia and smells like a sweet lemongrass. It is uplifting and refreshing. It may help with mood and anxiety and is great for the skin. 

Tools are available to purchase separately.

The dough will last for up to six months provided it is appropriately stored and not left to dry out.  (We recommend storing in the fridge).  Due to the natural, plant-based pigments in the colours, some playdough may fade with time and colours may vary slightly from those you see on screen. 

Recommended age 3+. Whilst this playdough looks and smells delicious, we still do not recommend it being ingested. Please supervise children at all times.  The glass jar contains approx 200g of dough and is reuseable.